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Flambeau 2024

29 June @ 7:30 pm

True Talk No Lie Presents: The Flambeau Concert
True Talk No Lie hosted its first Flambeau concert in May 2023 to celebrate 10 years as a platform showcasing the dynamic musicians of Trinidad and Tobago.

The name “Flambeau” holds profound significance rooted in both our local cultural history and its symbolic representation. Defined simply as a flaming torch, the flambeau transcends mere illumination to embody resilience, resistance, and remembrance.

Throughout T&T’s history, it has served as a beacon of light, guiding the way through darkness while symbolising the endurance of our people. Originally utilised as a practical source of light for the marginalised, it became intertwined with moments of both celebration and struggle.

From its role in the Canboulay Riots, where it was wielded in defiance against oppression, to its significance in commemorating emancipation and honouring those who have passed, the flambeau represents the triumph of spirit over adversity.

For us, “Flambeau” signifies more than just a name; it embodies our mission to shine a light on the vibrant tapestry of local talent, ensuring that our cultural heritage continues to illuminate the path forward, even in the darkest of times.

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Big Black Box
33 Murray Street, Woodbrook
Port of Spain, Trinidad Trinidad and Tobago
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(868) 320-0042
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