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Affordable options to show your event to thousands in T&T!

Use Our Reach!

Reach thousands of event-goers in Trinidad and Tobago who are hungry for new experiences!

+18,ooo followers on TikTok

+3,600 followers on Instagram

+3,500 site visitors every month


65% Between 18-34 years old

Our Services

Featured Video

We make videos showcasing several upcoming events at a time.

Have your your event featured first with a 10-15 second spot!

Videos like these usually bring in +8,000 views!!



Explain your event and what it has to offer with a custom up to a minute long video just for you!

Get to explain your event in full and everything it can bring to its patrons!

Videos like these usually bring in 4,700 - 9000+ views!


Instagram Story Posts

Graphics and Animations for your event posted on our Instagram Story.

Stories like these usually bring in +350 views per story!

$75 per story

Event Calendar Feature

We'll add your event to our event calendar and push it to the top of the calendar!

Events like these will be seenfirst by each of the +400 users viewing our event calendar every week!!

$60 per week

Success Stories!

Save With Packages


Top Placement in an Overview Video and up to 3 weeks of Event Calendar Features!


Get The
Word Out

1 Event Showcase Video and 3 Instagram Story Posts


The Ultimate

1 Event Showcase Video, Top Placement in an Overview Video and up to 3 weeks of Event Calendar Features!


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